Capitalizing On Something That Should Have Died Years Ago

by The Fast Luck

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Capitalizing On Something That Should Have Died Years Ago is a compilation album by The Fast Luck. Originally recorded and released over the span of two years, this serves as the band's only full length.


released August 26, 2019

Written by Ronnie Riggar - Performed by The Fast Luck

Recorded at Fitter Happier Studios - Woodhaven, MI / 2004 - 2006. Engineered by Josh Wheeler. Produced by Josh Wheeler and Ronnie Riggar.

Track 1 originally on Beauty Is Power - Single (February 2005)
Tracks 2, 3, 8 and 9 originally on This Is Not A Film - EP (October 2004)
Tracks 4, 5, 6, and 7 originally on Ready and Willing - EP (March 2006)

Ronnie Riggar - Vocals, Guitar
Jacob Liford - Drums
Brandon Sheets - Bass (1, 2, 3, 8, 9)
Alex Adams - Bass (4, 5, 6, 7)
Justin Corser - Synthesizer (1)


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The Fast Luck Monroe, Michigan

Formed in 2002, The Fast Luck was a punk rock band from Monroe, MI.

After several EPs and singles, the band broke up in April 2006.

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Track Name: Beauty Is Power
I've never felt like this
I've never felt like this before
You're the kind of person that will always be missed
You're the poster boy for this new generation
You're the scene's definition of a working class hero

But is this what you want?
Is this what you want?

We're on the brink
and I'm trying my best to think
You've got the popped collar
Tighter jeans make him look even taller

Vexed to the heart
Be what you want them to think
We brought him down right from the start

You got it
You know what you're gonna do
but if it's for the best it will only last longer

Make it last!
Is this what you want?
(This is a dream that cannot last)

You've got cigarettes on your mind
And a swift exit to plan
You got hair pulled tight passed your eyes
To match your one-shot exercise
Track Name: Even The Mona Lisa Is Falling Apart
Don't tell me I have nothing to worry about
It's hard to trust anyone if you've never even trusted me
That's your problem - you can't open up
That's my problem - I'm too scared

These scissors aren't strong enough
to cut through your ribs and spill your heart

If I'm stabbing you in the back then who's stabbing me in the heart?

Maybe if I crashed this car you'll show some concern
But that's just wishful thinking drowning in hope

Please help me help me help me fall in love tonight
Please help me help me help me stay in love tonight!
Track Name: Sharpen Your Acting Skills
Spare your thoughts for someone who actually cares to hear
and sharpen your acting skills... your make up looks great on his shirt!
Bury me around your throat along with the locket that holds our best picture
Does "I miss you" hold any relevance?

So let's just work this out
I can't go on like it's been
I can't discuss the way you've been sneaking around

Dressed in roses and laced in black
Tonight is all I've got
"Tonight" is the only word I can say when I think of this tragedy
Track Name: Sign Reads Westbound
I'm trying to say it takes a lot to get away
What's the point in leaving when you can't run away?
He's taken all that he can
The sign reads westbound
but it won't take him anywhere

His family eats around the TV at night
Nothing said and nothing feels right
Just hold on to that day when you can dream away

The one's he loves always lets him down
They're no better than this lonely town
Just hold on... you'll make it through
This year's been a nightmare but it's end depends on you

Just hold on... you'll make it through
Don't stop believing in yourself
Track Name: Not Worth Understanding
Gather around to collectively collect ourselves
Light on our feet but killers at home surrounded by wealth

This is about as useless as a playground in the winter
Same goes for my thoughts and ideas
If no one understands us then we're not worth understanding
I'm a son refusing to be caught

Helpless night with blood in the sky
A forgiving mind
...but who'll forgive me when I die?

We're real people finding that it takes a catastrophe to bring us all together
Track Name: Inside, Inside
Take care of that hand
because you'll need a finger to lay the blame
Take it out with our minds
Straight posture and a situation that leaves you faint and feeling vein

They'll call on the hounds to drag us away
but the weapons we keep under our beds will help us sleep okay

By the process of elimination
We'll single war down on you
On a burned down/love torn nation
that's brought to you by our corporation

Take care of that heart
a heart that's ready and willing to take on pain
Take it out with our fists
A bullshit fight that ends in fields to falling rain
Track Name: Come On
Come on, come on
Don't you know how ridiculous it is to fight and fall back in love again?
Stop it, stop it
Don't you know you can't get anywhere with an attitude like that

Just who the hell do you think you are?

It's not in my style to leave you hanging on and on and on and on

Come on, come on
Don't you know there's no resolution to this to fight and fall back in love again
Stop it, stop it
Don't you know that I'm dying out here without a crutch to fall back on
Track Name: Among Ash Heaps and Millionaires
I am the rocket and you're the artificial satellite
Someone should pay me for looking this good

Are you awake at 4 AM too?
From capitalizing on something that should have died years ago?

I'm placing the bets that you're gonna be the one who's asking for me tonight
Everything you'll always want is right inside of your door

There is a lot to come by and I get it all from the stereo

I am what you and your friends all breathe
I'm what you swear to your parents as all you'll ever need
Track Name: The Suspense Is Terrible (I Hope It Will Last)
It's my word against yours
and I'm your dream just like classic American poetry
Starting out with a headache
Medication wont cure this report
Pay me off with the most infectious disease you can afford

Applied with curious coughs that kissed your lips again
Dress safe and clean... that will change their minds!
Equal parts - Perfume silk / whiskey breath nights

I'm feeling cocky and secure in this secret
with most thoughts like these just natural instinct
I'm the new phenomenon
Like tongue wax... you're just a taste of what's the come

It's all in vein
You're just confused
It's all in vein
You'll be alright

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